Great Links to Shopping, Clothing, and Fashion Stores


Here's one that doesn't need much introduction -

Can I have a Quarter of ...

Remember those old fashioned sweet shops.. Well remember no more, but buy online from A Quarter Of...


Bored of the High Street - Click here!

Boutique Styles, Fashion Favourites, and High-End Items can be found at "Bored of the High Street". 

Dress like the stars with Goddiva

Chic Celebrity Fashion Trends, including Evening and Casual Wear all at affordable prices at Goddiva.


our specs prices are knock spots off high street prices

Get a spare of glasses for outdoor sports, sailing, extreme trekking, etc for under 15 at Glasses4Eyes.

Tie Warehouse, Click here!

The Tie Warehouse covers everything from Plain to Patterned and Clip-Ons To Novelty Ties.  Free UK Delivery.


Summer Sale, Click Here

Urbanity is an Urban Boutique Shop, and has up to50% off in their Summer Sale.

Yukka - Click here!

Looking for more Urban and Hip Hop Streetwear?  Try Yukka.


dead good mens underwear

Shop online in privacy for your Underwear (Normal or Novelty!) and Swimwear at Dead Good Undies.

Compare our prices on branded footware

Hassle free shoe shopping with Totally Shoes means no more queues.  Free UK Delivery too!


Jones The Bootmaker

Jones the Bootmaker provides excellent quality shoes.  They are not cheap, but they are good quality.



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